"Drive for Five"

Beginning in 2011, the Cowboy Joe Club and its Board of Directors
launched a “Drive for Five” new member campaign with a goal to
increase the total number of Cowboy Joe Club members from 4,000
to 5,000. In just the first year of the campaign, we were able to go
from 4,066 members to over 4,800! With your help this year, there is
no doubt that we can reach our goal of 5,000 members.

The “Drive for Five” new member campaign works when a current
Cowboy Joe Club member refers someone to join the Cowboy Joe Club
for the first time or to renew after at least one lapsed year at the minimum
$100 level. For every new member recruited, the current Cowboy Joe
Club member will be recognized with 10 bonus priority points for the first
recruited new member (a $1,000 cash gift value), and 5 bonus priority points
for each new recruited member there after (a $500 cash gift value). In addition
to helping the Cowboy Joe Club become the biggest annual fund organization
in the conference, every current Cowboy Joe Club member who recruits a new
donor will receive an exclusive “Drive for Five” incentive hat!

You can also start referring new donors now by having them call
the Cowboy Joe Club office and mentioning that you referred
them. Make sure they have your complete account name and/
or account number. For more information about the
“Drive for Five” new member campaign please contact
307-766-6242. Thank you for efforts to get the

Cowboy Joe Club to 5,000 members!


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